• During Pinda Sweda Ayurveda treatment small linen bags filled with a specially prepared mixture are applied locally to relieve the muscles.

  • An additional major role in this therapy is played by the highly effective herbal oils mixture which is specially selected by the 'Ayurveda doctors' for the parts of the body where the treatment is required.

  • The effect of the herbal extracts is to relieve the pain if there is any and to relax and build up the body tissues of the application area.

  • During Pinda Sweda Ayurveda therapy massaging is done by trained and experienced Ayurveda technicians, using a bag filled with specially medicated special rice which is very useful to remove body pains, improve digestion, cures sclerosis.

  • The oil massage is often followed by a herbal steam bath with specially selected medicinal herbs.

  • This widens the vessels and thereby assists the detoxification of the body system.

  • After a gentle massage on the body, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back and kept inside an herbal paste boundary for 50 minutes.

  • The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage deeply cleans and enriches the blood, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free.